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The Book

What happens to the proceeds of our book sales?
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Chris Anderson will donate his proceeds from Infectious Generosity to TED, a 501©3 not for profit corporation, dedicated to fostering the spread of great ideas.

For every copy purchased in the U.S., The Crown Publishing Group will also donate a portion of its proceeds to TED-ED in support of its missions to spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world. Click here for more details.

When is the book available to buy?
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They book is available to buy on the 23rd in the US and shortly after in other regions. Depending on your retailer of choice, if you pre-ordered a copy then you should receive it on or shortly after publication day.

Do you have the Book References & Notes available on the website?
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Yes we do! You can find all the References and Notes from the book here. You'll notice we have linked to digital sources whereever we can and we suggest using the 'Command F' keyboard shortcut to search for any specific information you may be looking for.

Is it possible to bulk buy copies of the book?
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If you're interested in purchasing a large amount of books for your organisation, community or otherwise, please email and we will follow up with further details.

AI Guru

Is TIGG free to use?
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Yes. TIGG is free to create an account and use.

Do I need to have the book to use TIGG?
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No, you don’t need the book. We trained TIGG with the ideas and frameworks from the book You can ask it questions related to the book, but it works fully independently to help you get involved in Infectious Generosity.

How does TIGG work?
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TIGG is a custom AI application built on top of OpenAI’s technology (which you probably know as ChatGPT). We trained TIGG with ideas from the book and the Infectious Generosity movement, making it the perfect generous partner for your journey.

How does TIGG use my data?
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For information on how we use data, please read our privacy policy

How can I get support?
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Navigate to our Support page. If you are already there, you can find a contact link at the bottom of the page.

Does TIGG support multiple languages?
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For now, TIGG is only fluent in English.

What makes TIGG different from other AI’s?
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TIGG is trained to look at everything through the lens of Generosity and is specifically designed to help you create, plan, implement and share your acts of Infectious Generosity.


Can I submit an Infectious Generosity Story?
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Please do! We're inviting people to submit their stories via this form. Thank you for contributing :)

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