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Meet TIGG, your partner in kind

‘The Infectious Generosity Guru’, aka ‘TIGG’ combines the ideas and ambitions of Infectious Generosity with the power of AI to help you help others

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How It Works

With a familiar chat interface, TIGG is a free-for-everyone, benevolent AI assistant for your generosity journey. TIGG learns from you, and helps you create and action your ideas. Itʼs a 24/7 coach with endless ideas, support and tools to make your generosity spread far and wide, infectious and inspiring, across social media.

Access AI Guru
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Build your profile

Creating your Generosity Profile is quick and intuitive - TIGG guides you every step of the way. Understand what makes you tick and set the stage for really making a difference with the ideas youʼll come up with together.

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Cultural Values
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A card with an image and text. The image is an illustration by Liana Fink of a bird sitting on a park bench, talking to many other smaller birds. The text beneath reads, "Inspiring those around me"
A card with an image and text. The image is an illustration by Liana Fink of a child looking at a slide. The text reads, "A chance for fun and enjoyment"
A card with an image and text. The image is an illustration by Liana fink of a centaur-like creature with the body of a giraffe, turning into the torso of a human at the upper neck. The giraffe-person has a cross on their chest.

The text reads, "Maximising the impact of my giving"

Brainstorm ideas together

Brainstorm with TIGG to discover endless ideas that create positive change using your passion, skills and network. TIGG shows you how to unlock the many ways you can give and saves all your ideas - ready to put them into action when you need them.

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Your skills are a gift in waiting
Create a conscious charity donation strategy

Design a thoughtful strategy that aligns with your values by researching impactful causes and determining a donation frequency.

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Gift my knowledge of photography to the world

Gift people the world as you see it through your camera. Share your photos and your process to enable others to learn and grow creatively.

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Spend an hour a day supporting my friends

Dedicate an hour daily to providing support, guidance, or a listening ear, to support those special people in life we call friends.

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Do, show, inspire

You (and TIGG) are coming up with great ideas to be generous. TIGG is helping you make amazing things become reality. And now itʼs time to inspire others and make your generosity infectious. TIGG will even create beautiful content for you to spread your idea far and wide.

Icon representing the AI Guru, in the form of a yellow smiley face
Shall we make a plan?
A typographic poster reading "Let the magic of generosity ripple out into the universe"
A typographic poster reading "I did a thing... "can I tell you about it?)"
A typographic poster saying "Can you help me help someone else?
A typographic poster saying "Help! I need somebody" but "some" is crossed out and replaced with "every"(body)
We’re incredibly curious and excited about the potential for artificial intelligence to unlock generosity in new and infectious ways. If you share this feeling, whether as a passionate individual, community or organisation and see yourself as a potential collaborators in this space then we’d love to hear from you.
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Any Questions?

Is TIGG free to use?
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Yes. TIGG is free to create an account and use.

Do I need to have the book to use TIGG?
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No, you don’t need the book. We trained TIGG with the ideas and frameworks from the book You can ask it questions related to the book, but it works fully independently to help you get involved in Infectious Generosity.

How does TIGG work?
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TIGG is a custom AI application built on top of OpenAI’s technology (which you probably know as ChatGPT). We trained TIGG with ideas from the book and the Infectious Generosity movement, making it the perfect generous partner for your journey.

How does TIGG use my data?
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For information on how we use data, please read our privacy policy

How can I get support?
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Navigate to our Support page. If you are already there, you can find a contact link at the bottom of the page.