Infectious Generosity

Generosity is at the heart of being human. It's how we've co-operated, innovated and grown as a civilization. It's what makes me into we, net takers into net givers, selfishness into selflessness.

‍Infectious Generosity is the idea that through the power of the internet, small acts of thoughtfulness spread to change lives at a scale never experienced before.

Infectious Generosity is an initiative housed in TED and what we believe to be the ultimate idea worth spreading. We invite you to explore our book, chat with our benevolent AI called TIGG, or see and share resources via our Generosity Feed.



The Book

A re-framing of an age old idea

On sale January 23rd, 2024, this inspiring book from the Head of TED, Chris Anderson, is both a guide and a blueprint to Infectious Generosity’s potential to become a global movement.

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Image of the Infectious Generosity book, surrounded by chat bubbles saying "Explain the ways I can give" and "Make a plan of action"

AI Guru

Meet TIGG, your partner in kind

‘The Infectious Generosity Guru’, aka ‘TIGG’ combines the ideas and ambitions of Infectious Generosity with the power of AI to help you help others

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Acts of Infectious Generosity out in the world

We're putting together as many generous stories as we can find and invite you to share them across the internet to give them the traction they deserve and to drown out the negativity.

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